AARP Rewards Evaluate: How To Get Free Reward Playing cards


Whose finances could not use a little TLC?

Unfortunately it is not easy to find the motivation. Creating a budget can be tedious; Keeping track of your expenses is a chore. and when it comes to curbing your fun expenses? Forget it.

But AARP Rewards wants to help make managing and saving your money a bit easier and more rewarding. Watching videos and running quick online tests gives you points for discounted or free gift cards and vouchers along the way.

And you might think: I'm not old enough to qualify for AARP. But anyone over 18 can take part in the reward program. I am in my late 20s and have tried.

I tried AARP Rewards. You can expect the following:

I've been writing about personal finance for four years now and was excited to see what I can learn from AARP Rewards. I was thrilled that it was more interactive than just another book or podcast.

It took me less than a minute to log on. I automatically earned 1,000 points and was then able to register for another 500 points in the AARP Rewards email newsletter.

Once signed in, you get access to interactive tests, informative videos, and even financial instruments and calculators.

I took the quiz: "Will it hurt your credit?" I got 80% and earned 300 points. (Did you know that renting a car with your debit card can affect your credit rating ?! The more you know.) Other tests cover careers, savings strategies, and health issues.

When you've done a few tests, take a break and watch some videos for more points. These are not just videos about sports news or celebrity gossip. They are actually useful. For example, I watched short videos about saving for retirement and determining my tax bracket and earned 200 points each.

You'll also find videos on how to spot fraud, use credit cards, and negotiate when buying a new car.

And go beyond your finances to earn points in other areas of your life. If you want to be accountable for your fitness, you can even plug in your tracker app (e.g. Apple Health App, Fitbit or Garmin) and collect points if you reach your daily goals while walking, running, cycling or swimming .

Conclusion: This is a solid way to learn more about your money – and to earn free and discounted gift cards

If you keep using AARP Rewards, it will be fun to see how the dots stack up – it feels like a game. And the cool thing is that you are actually learning things and finding ways to improve your finances and general well-being.

Once you've collected enough points, you can redeem them for gift cards and a host of other offers. These options change regularly, but when I checked them, I was able to get discounted gift cards for places like REI, Ulta, Hulu, Zappos, and Uber, among others.

You can also get up to 12% off gift cards for groceries and other essentials to make life easier now, as well as coupons for local restaurants and retailers.

You can also see how much you've saved with the program on your personalized dashboard.

Overall, I would say that this is one of the more fun ways to learn more about your money and plan for the future. You can also earn rewards on the go.

It only takes a minute to sign up and get your first 1,000 bonus points. Until July 31, 2020 you will receive an additional 500 points with the exclusive promo code PENNY.

Carson Kohler is an employee of The Penny Hoarder.

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